What does my ceiling stain mean?

What Does My Ceiling Stain Mean? All homeowners know the fear of a leaky roof.  Moisture is the leading culprit to stains on the ceiling.  However, there are many places that excess water could be coming from other than the roof.  Your ceiling can be a great communicator as to the condition of your roof, but know […]

What you Need to Know about Storm Damage

Top Five Problems of Roofing Systems How often do I need to do roof maintenance?  What does that even entail?  What signs of damage should I be looking for?  These may be some of the questions we ask ourselves as homeowners.  To keep the life of your roof long and healthy, routine inspections are essential.  […]

Top 5 problems of Roofing Systems

What you Need to Know about Storm Damage Located in a precarious area, Texas is most certainly prone to some severe weather events. When it comes to the health of our roofs, any homeowner knows weather is the number one danger to a proper roofing system. No one wants that roof to come crashing down, […]