Emergency Roof Repair

At Promise Construction, our expert roofers are available at a moment’s notice, complete with necessary equipment and the expertise to get the job done quickly.

Emergency Roof Repair in McKinney

Roofing emergencies are not something we’d wish on anyone, but they do happen. The weather in Texas can be unpredictable and ruthless at times, leaving roofs severely damaged. If you’ve experienced a roofing emergency, you need to have repairs done as quickly as possible in order to avoid further damage to the home.

If You Have a Roofing Emergency

If your home has experienced a roof repair emergency, there are some tips that we’d like you to follow in order to keep you and your home safe.
Don’t climb up on the roof yourself.

No matter the circumstances, getting up on your roof is very risky. Now, add to that some damage and you’re looking at a treacherous area that is unpredictable and extremely dangerous. Let the professionals handle this.

Do inspect the roof from the ground.

This is a much safer viewpoint, and can provide you with vital information. Look out for any visible debris or damage and make note of it. You want to be able to communicate what you saw to the roofing company that does your inspection.

Do cover any leaking spots.

Putting up plastic coverings, such as sheeting or bags, can help to protect the interior of the home until the roof can be repaired. This will help to protect from leaks.

Do Pop that ceiling bubble to get the water out.

Yes, this may seem counterintuitive and strange, but if you don’t let it out the ceiling may collapse from the weight of the water, causing more damage to everything. In order to properly do this, poke a hole in the ceiling as soon as you notice a bubble and use a container to collect the water.

Do not be caught off guard.

With situations like these, you don’t want to be totally unprepared. No, you cannot predict that this will happen, but you can have a plan in place just in case you need to use it. Preparation is key, and hopefully that’s what you’re doing reading this right now.

Contact Us

If you’ve had a roofing emergency, contact us immediately and we’ll send someone out to take a look. If you haven’t, but want to stay vigilant, keep our number on your fridge just to be safe! Promise Construction is here to help, day or night!

Commonly Seen Causes of Roof Emergencies

  • Neglect combined with normal wear and tear 
  • Damage from fallen trees and branches
  • High winds/tornado activity tearing off shingles and/or decking 
  • Ice dams and/or ice buildup 
  • Improperly installed roofing systems 
  • Failures in the flashing around roof penetrations, such as dormers, chimneys and vent stacks
While some of these emergencies are easily prevented, many are simply out of your control and come as a complete surprise. One way to prevent these emergencies is to stay on top of regular roof inspections and maintenance. However, this will not prevent the unavoidable acts of God and Mother Nature, and Promise Construction will be there to handle it no matter the cause.

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