Certified McKinney, TX Roof Inspections

Promise Construction has the top roof inspectors in the state of Texas. Call us today to see what we can do for you.

The Best Roof Inspectors in North Texas

No matter where you live, your roof is certain to deteriorate over time. Maybe your roof has a minor leak or notable hail damage with damaged or missing shingles. Or maybe you’re ready for a complete roof replacement and would like a detailed report on it. Regardless of what it is, you only want the top inspectors taking a look.
Promise Construction’s expert team of inspectors have knowledge of a variety of roofing materials for both residential and commercial buildings. Whether you’ve experienced an intense hailstorm or you suspect you might have a leak in your roof, our certified roofing inspectors in North Texas can figure out what is going on and get you taken care of.

We’ve Got You Covered

Promise Construction will be there for every step of your roof repair or replacement. Starting with a complete roof inspection, all the way into repairs and replacements, we can do it all.

Residential Roofing Inspections

Promise Construction’s residential inspections will identify all of your problem areas, including instability, damaged shingles, improper installation, hail damage, drainage problems, water damage, and much more. Hail and severe weather usually cause the most roof damage in North Texas. Also, don’t forget that basic wear and tear over the years take a toll on a roof, and it’s almost always warranted to have it inspected every few years.

North Texas Roof Inspection Experts

We’ve been witness to so many different types of roofing damage, nothing surprises us anymore and there’s nothing we’re not prepared for. Because of these experiences, our inspectors are able to precisely identify your issues before they’re allowed to become serious issues.
While it may seem extremely inconvenient to have to go through the trouble of scheduling an inspection, you need to remember that you’ll save much more money by being proactive rather than reactive. If you can stay ahead of the game with your roof, you can have simple, cheaper repairs done before any major damage can occur. Once a bigger issue arises, you are looking at much more significant roof repair and replacement costs.

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